Track, Manage & Optimise Your EV Charging with eStation’s Management Software

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Bespoke EV Software

eStation’s EV management software allows business customers and fleet managers to monitor and monetize their EV charging points.

Our bespoke EV software gives you a holistic overview of your charging activity. Our management portal makes it easy to track employee usage and reimburse staff for their charging costs. Access the easy-to-understand analytics via our management dashboard and unlock your fully scalable income stream today.

Our management software is accessible via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so you can manage EV operations from anywhere.

Accurate EV Management For a More Sustainable Business

Including your brand’s sustainability credentials can influence brand building. Set yourself apart from the competition by showcasing your EV fleet credentials on your website. Be seen to be green and leverage positive brand associations today.

Our bespoke and easy-to-use management software tracks employee usage and gives access to our 24/7 engineering support. Access eStation’s customer dashboard and data analytics to unlock verified insights on your EV activity. You can easily manage EV charging capacity and quickly reimburse your staff through this. Being a part of Ireland’s green future has never been easier.

Monitor Your Fleet with Our EV Management Software 

Our software gives you access to a full management dashboard. From here, you monitor, analyse and control all aspects of your personal or business charging infrastructure. 

Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring

Our EV management software keeps you on top of your fleet’s energy consumption with fully tailored features and benefits.

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Charging Activity Logs

Gain access to your employee’s charging activity logs so you can easily monitor and support their charging needs.

Total kW Consumption

View total kW consumption across your corporate fleet to be sure your EV chargers meet your fleet’s consumption needs.

Availability of Charging Infrastructure

Plot your employee’s route across Ireland by viewing the availability of charging infrastructure on their journey.

Communication Status

With fast, effective communication between our servers and EV charging stations, you can be certain you’re getting the most up-to-date status of our charging points.

Remote Diagnostics

Access our remote diagnostics via smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world. Complete energy consumption diagnostics are at your fingertips with eStation’s EV management portal.

Manage Charging at Home, at Work, and at Public Stations

Our EV software allows you to manage your employees from anywhere.

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Monitor Charging Activity

Monitor your employee’s charging activity at home and at work through our EV management portal. Our software allows you to monitor by employee name, ensuring all employees are fully supported in their EV transport needs.

Home Charging Reimbursement

Easily reimburse employees for their on-the-go energy consumption and streamline your expenses process using our bespoke software.

Interface to European Wide 3rd Party Infrastructure

With fast, effective communication between our servers and EV charging stations, you can be certain you’re getting the most up-to-date status of our charging points.

Manage Communal Charging Usage & Billing

Manage your communal charging stations to ensure proper load management and efficient customer service. Our EV management portal also allows you to monitor usage effectively for an easy billing system.

Mimic Traditional Fuel cards Usage

We provide the EV solution to corporate fuel cards. Track your employee’s usage and quickly reimburse them for their costs without engaging with time-consuming fuel cards or expense claims.  

Efficiently Manage Your Fleet With eStation EV Software

Get in touch today and be a part of Ireland’s green future.