EV Charging Solutions For Car Manufacturers & Dealerships

Car dealerships are expanding their portfolios, offering the very best electric vehicles on the market.

eStation supports car manufacturers and dealerships in joining the electric revolution. We work with you to provide complete charging solutions alongside your EVs. By supplying charging hardware, software, and advisory services integrated with your brand experience, we will support you and your customer’s on the way toward electric mobility.

eStation Services For EV Car Dealerships

eStation provides first-class service to any car dealership wanting to expand their services.

Knowledge Sharing 

Our team of experts will provide complete training and toolkits to support your EV charging conversations.

Dedicated Support

eStation’s dedicated support team offers assistance with all EV charging related queries and concerns.

Complete Installation Packages

We can work with your team to align the delivery date of the EV with the installation of the charge point to deliver maximum value to the client.

Become Our EVs Car Dealership Partner

We want to expand our network of commercial EV manufacturers and EV car dealership partners. Join eStation and access Ireland’s largest network of EV charge points.  There is no EV on the market that we cannot accommodate.

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