eStation Business and Private EV Charging Solutions

eStation provides complete EV charging solutions for business, commercial, and private drivers. Our bespoke management package and dedicated support services get you where you need to go, all while supporting a greener future for Ireland.  

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EV Charging Solutions for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for EV charging solutions for your corporate fleet or starting your electric journey – we’re here to support you. With eStation, you will have access to all public charge points across Ireland. And with one RFID charging card and an easy-to-use app, it’s never been easier to go green.

Find the most efficient, cost-effective solution to your renewable journey with eStation.



Power the Electric Mobility of Your Business

Streamline your switch to electric vehicles with eStation.

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Corporate Fleets

You’ll always find a solution to your needs with eStation. We supply and install EV Charging solutions across Ireland for all your business, residential, and commercial needs. Let our team of experts support you in finding your bespoke charging solutions.


Retail & Hospitality

Install EV charging points at your retail or hospitality business and be seen to be green. eStation can install your EV charging infrastructure and set you up with the management software you need to help you manage your new source of revenue. Our EV charging points will drive your footfall and support your business in tapping into a new client type. Discover more about bringing EV charging solutions to your business



Benefit From Our Network Of Partners

Our intelligent and flexible charging solutions will make the transition from fuel to electric cars seamless.


Leasing Companies

eStation have connections with a range of EV car leasing companies across Ireland. Explore your options with one of our eStation partners today.


Car Manufacturers & Dealerships

Our network of eStation partners will find the perfect electric vehicle for you with the latest technologies and capabilities.



Invest In A Greener Future With Our Private EV Charging Solutions

Invest in a greener future for Ireland by bringing EV charging solutions to your home


Home Charging

We provide turnkey EV charging solutions to support you on your private journey to switching electric. We offer first-class supply, installation, and support for a wide range of domestic vehicles. We also employ the best in the business to support you with your newly installed charging system. Our expert-driven support line operates 24/7.

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Plan your journey across Ireland using our bespoke management app available on your smartphone. With eStation, you will have access to all public charge points across Ireland, and our intuitive app will update you with the status of your nearest charging point, so you can feel confident in your journey with eStation.


Apartment Charging

Support the future of green mobility by installing EV charging stations at your apartment. Our charging solutions blend seamlessly with your apartment’s infrastructure for a sleek finish while providing an essential amenity for EV owners.

Why Choose eStation EV Charging Solutions

  • Engineering Support Service available 24/7. Our dedicated support line is open 24/7 to ensure your needs are always met.
  • DC Fast Chargers. Ranging 24kW to 400kW, our high-output chargers are suitable for anyone wanting fast and effective EV charging solutions.
  • Smart AC Chargers. Intuitive, connected chargers allow multiple users to monitor and regulate their usage.
  • Auto Start AC Chargers. Our at-home EV charging solution has a guaranteed minimum output of 7.2kW, compatible with all Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles in Ireland.
  • Software Supported Systems. Software packages that allow you to efficiently manage your charging system and will enable you to monetise all of your chargers.

Electric Mobility Powered By eStation EV Charging Solutions

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