Advisory Services On Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Installation

EV solutions and EV charging infrastructure are some of the fastest-growing markets as companies look to meet their green initiatives. Our advisory services support our business and personal customers from initial conversation to car charger installation and aftercare.

As a trusted partner to all the leading EV manufacturers, our experts are available 24 hours a day for your engineering needs.

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Why Are Advisory Services On Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Crucial For Your Business?

Our advisory service will help you decide the best infrastructure for your electric vehicle charger installation. We can help with the charger’s design and planning, service and installation , monitoring and much more.

Our advisory service will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment by ensuring the charging point is placed in an accessible and strategic area. We can also help you make intelligent, scalable decisions, ensure sustainability and longevity, and advise you on charger installation’s financial and tax implications.

The key to a scalable and future-proofed fleet is strength in the initial installation. There may be building regulations or layout implications that you had not considered. However, our advisory service does all that for you.

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We Advise You Through A Variety Of Decisions

Deciding the optimal number of charging station units

Selecting the correct number of charging units is an essential first step in future-proofing your business. You need to allow ample space for future electric car charger installation while considering the structure of your building. This is included in our advisory service.

Selecting the ideal charging station voltage and speed

With charging station voltages ranging from 7.5kW to 400kW FAST chargers, you must select the correct voltage for your business needs and building capability. eStation has the know-how to maximise charging speed without compromising your building’s integrity.

Building the best site planning

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough site plan to ensure that the design of the car charger installation is in keeping with the style and infrastructure of your building. Our charging station will be installed optimally to ensure functionality and futureproofing.

Assessing the power supply and electrical infrastructure

eStation will assess the power supply and electric infrastructure of your building before installation. This ensures you are balancing the need between your building’s power supply and fast charging methods.

Drive Optimal, Future-Proofed Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

eStation is the expert in scoping EV infrastructure at business and residential locations. As a trusted partner to all leading EV manufacturers, we balance sleek design, current and future needs, and provide the optimum charging equipment for your needs.

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