We Have The Best Solutions In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Apartments

Let eStation’s team of specialists guide you in picking the perfect electric vehicle charging station for your apartment. Whether your apartment building is modern or aged, we have experience with all settings and situations, so you can be confident your electric vehicle charging station will be installed with expertise.

SEAI EV Apartment Charger Grant

eStation is part of SEAI’s (Sustainable Energy and Authority of Ireland) charge point operator list, which provides grant funding to apartment blocks and multi-unit developments (MUD) to install local electric vehicle charging stations and associated charge points. Register with SEAI today to be part of Ireland’s electric revolution.

SEAI’s mission is to subsidise the delivery of electric vehicle charging stations for apartments and multi-unit developments across Ireland. Any developments built before the 10th of March 2021 are eligible for this scheme, and SEAI also offers grants to support you in privately purchasing an electric vehicle.

The grant has criteria, including accommodating growth each year and maintaining the CPO system. For more information and information about how to apply can be found on SEAI’s website.

Solutions We Provide In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Apartments

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24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support for your apartment’s electric vehicle charging station. Our expert colleagues are available via phone or app whenever you need them.

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FAST Charging

Our FAST charging systems have up to 350k output, charging your electric vehicle in minutes, not hours. Plug, Pay, and Play with eStation.

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Single or Dual Outlet

With single and dual outlet charging points (CCS and CHAdeMO both available), queuing time for charging points is minimised. Twice as many customers make twice the income!

Finding Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Apartments A Challenge?

Apartment blocks and multi-unit developments were not built with electric charging points in mind. This can make installing new electric vehicle charging stations in older apartments a minefield. Many management companies fear the large costs associated with installing and upkeeping an electric charging point.

However, eStation and SEAI have the answer. eStation has the tools to install a charging point and seamlessly establish it with your building’s infrastructure in mind.

Contact us today to discuss installing an electric vehicle charging station in your apartment building.

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