Invest In Electric Car Charging Stations With eStation

Trust the experts and invest in electric vehicle charging stations with eStation today. Around one fifth of all new car sales today are electric vehicles. As the world turns green, that figure is only going to increase and it is a fact that customers that can plug in, will stay longer.

Enhance your business image, increase footfall, and encourage your customers to stay longer by investing in a sleek, modern electric car charging point from the experts at eStation.

Join the electric revolution and be seen to be green.

Your Partner In EV Charging Solutions For Retail & Hospitality

Customers who can charge their electric vehicle at your business will visit more frequently, stay longer, and bring their friends and family. Ultimately this will increase footfall and profit. By investing in an electric car charging station with eStation, you can extend your first-class service beyond the front door to your car park.

Generate footfall with our sleek, state-of-the-art infrastructure and bespoke charging point management app. This app allows you to monitor your customer’s energy consumption and monetize it. Learn more about energy tariffs and our management solutions here.

Benefits Of Investing In Electric Car Charging Stations

Generate Footfall

Tap into a brand new customer base and bring them to your business with an EV charging point. Extend your first-class service to your car park, strengthen your brand, and improve footfall with a state-of-the-art car charging point from eStation.

Increase Revenue

The increased footfall gained through your EV charging point may also impact your revenue capability. Not only can you monetise your EV charge stations, potential customers can also be influenced by eye-catching window displays while they charge their vehicle outside.

Improve Your Business’ Environmental Performance

With one fifth of all new cars being electric, there’s never been a better time to go green. Being seen to be green will attract a new customer base and foster positive perceptions about your brand.

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Provide Your Customers With The Best Experience in EV Charging

Extend your first-class service beyond your front door by offering your customers the best EV charging solutions. Invest in an electric car charging point with eStation today.

We offer pay-to-use charging points, which you can manage through our easy-to-use software. We have a range of tariffs that makes charging accessible to customers while generating revenue for every kW consumed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Charging Stations

How can I manage customer usage?

eStation offers an easy-to-use management app on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. You can use this to monitor usage easily and get a total overview of your data analytics.

How do my customers know if a charging space is occupied?

Your customers will also have access to our app, which gives them real-time updates on the location and status of their closest eStation charging points.  

Is a public charger always a paid service?

Not necessarily. Tariffs are determined by you and can be set at levels that best suit your needs, be it footfall, revenue or a combination of both.

Enhance Customer Experience with eStation

Join eStation and access Ireland’s largest network of EV charging stations. Our team are experts in the installation of state-of-the-art EV charging points.

Invest in an electric vehicle charging station with eStation, and we will support you at every step of your journey.

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