EV Charging Points & Solutions For Car Parks

Is your car park ready for the electric revolution? Become part of Ireland’s largest network of EV charging points and be seen to be green.  

Partnering with eStation will have a positive impact on your business. Customers will be willing to spend more time at your business as their car is plugged in and will make positive brand associations when they see your innovative car park charging points. EV charging points can be fully monetized, opening a potential new revenue stream.

Leverage a strong, positive brand image with eStation.

Make The Most Of Your Carpark With Our EV Charging Points & Solutions

Be a part of Ireland’s sustainable future by installing EV charging points at your business.

Tap Into a New Customer Base

An EV charging point from eStation will bring a whole new customer type to your business. eStation’s location finder will draw customers to your business, increasing footfall and expanding your customer base. 

Increase Turnover

Monetise and monitor your EV charge points through our eStation app. We have a range of tariffs that makes charging accessible to customers while generating revenue for every kW consumed. Discover a new income stream with eStation EV charging points.


Customers will use your EV charging points and perceive you as an eco conscious, forward-thinking brand that cares about the environment. Leverage and build upon those positive associations, and achieve your sustainability goals with eStation.

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EV Load Management For Car Parks

With eStation, you never have to worry about load management.

Load management not only balances your company’s energy usage but balances the usage of the national grid. Load management will balance your charging throughout the day to ensure your customers get an effective and consistent service at a reasonable cost.

Our bespoke management app allows you to manage and monitor your EV charger’s usage. Available on mobile, tablet and desktop, it allows you to track customers’ energy usage from anywhere.

Recommended Solutions For Carparks

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DC FAST Chargers

Our FAST charging systems charge your customer’s electric vehicles in minutes, not hours. Ranging from 24kW to 400kW, these high-output chargers are perfect for optimising charging time and getting your customers on the road.

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Software Supported Systems

Our bespoke management software allows you to monitor, measure, and control your charging activity. Monitor your charging points from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to maximise income streams.

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24/7 Support

If your customers need us, we can be there. Whether your business is open or closed, our customer-focused experts are available 24/7 to support your customer’s engineering needs.

Partner with Specialists in EV Charging Solutions

Our expertise in EV charging solutions and first-class aftercare makes us the ideal partner for your new business venture.

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