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Bring Ireland’s largest network of EV charging stations to your front door with eStation. From purchase to installation and beyond, let us be your guide.

Our customer-focused experts offer a full EV home charger installation service and 24/7 engineering support for all your electric vehicle needs. eStation offers a wide range of EV charging station solutions to match every price point and functional need. Everyone has access to the electric revolution with eStation’s tailored solutions.

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Broad Range Of Equipment For EV Home Charger Installation In Ireland

From home charging solutions to ‘find and pay’ public chargers, there’s a solution for every stage of your journey with eStation. Gain access to our network app to effectively plan your route across Ireland, or plug in at home with our fully supported EV home charger installation service.

Multiple Brands And Price Points

eStation work with the best car dealerships and car leasing companies in Ireland to find the perfect electric vehicle for you at the right price point.

Functionalities That Suit Every Need

Our manufacturing partners allow us to offer you the very best functionalities and technologies in your electric vehicle. Speak to one of our experts today to find the perfect solution to your needs.

Industry Leading Solutions

With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, eStation offer the latest and greatest in EV charging solutions, when it comes to technological advancements.

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Find Public Chargers & Pay with eStation App 

Our free-to-use network app allows you to plot your route across Ireland by showing your closest public EV charging point. Get live updates on the status of find-and-pay charging points so you can effectively plan your journey.

Our easy-to-use app allows you to track and monitor your usage and track costs. You can also keep logs of past consumption and contact our support team 24/7. eStation’s network app takes all the confusion out of electric vehicles to streamline and simplify your experience.

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Our customer-focused team of experts are here to support you in your EV home charger installation. They are stationed across Ireland and available 24/7 to support you.

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