Charging On-The-Go

Charging on the go has never been easier than with eStation.

When using eStation, you’re tapping into Ireland’s largest public network of electric car charging stations. You’re never far from plugging in with 1000+ EV charging points across the country.

Charging Your Vehicle On-The-Go Couldn’t Be Easier

With eStation, you will be guided to the nearest charger to get you fully charged up and on your way in no time. Payment is made easy with our network app. Let eStation get you to where you need to go.

Safe & Reliable

On-the-go charging points are a safe and reliable alternative to at-home charging points. With eStation, you have access to a complete charging ecosystem, so no matter where you are- you aren’t far from a charge point.

No Need for a Parking Space

No parking space at your apartment? No problem!

With eStation, you have 1000+ options where you can charge your electric vehicle. Log in to our easy-to-use network app to find your closest charge point today.

No Need to Pay at Point of Use

With the e-station network app, fleet drivers can charge their vehicles without the need to pay themselves. Costs are managed at corporate level, leaving drivers free to charge and go.

Recharging Your EV With Mobile Electric Car Charging Stations in Ireland

Let eStation be your trusted partner in planning your next journey. We take the complications out of charging and billing.

The first step is the easiest- decide where you want to go. Once you have a destination, you can use our eStation network app to help you locate your closest electric car charging station. With Ireland’s largest network of charge points at your fingertips, you’ll never be far from a top-up.

Once you’ve located a public charge point, charging is as simple as plugging your electric vehicle in and start charging. With up to 350kW of output across these communal DC FAST chargers, you can charge your electric car in minutes, not hours.

Once you’re charged up, it’s time to pay. With our RFID card control and pay-as-you-go capability at public charge points, you’ll be charged and on your way before you know it.

Plug, pay, and play with eStation.

Stay Flexible with the eStation Network App

Join eStation today and gain access to Ireland’s biggest and best network of electric car charging stations.

Plan your journey anywhere in Europe with our roaming facility!

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