Turnkey Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions & Energy Management Software

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eStation is Ireland’s solution to Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy Management Software. Be part of the green future of Ireland today.

Our innovative management software and dedicated support teams provide first-class electric mobility solutions to private, public sector, and corporate customers.

We supply, install, and support high-quality electric vehicle charging equipment across Ireland. You’ll also have access to our smart management software to monitor, monetise and optimise your charging infrastructure.

Invest in EV charging stations and begin your eStation journey today.


EV Charging Solutions and Installation

You’ll always find a solution to your needs with eStation.

We supply and install EV Charging solutions across Ireland for all your business, residential, and commercial needs. Let our team of experts support you in finding your bespoke charging solutions.


Smart Charging Management Software

eStation Management Software is the simple solution that allows you to track and manage your electric vehicle charging on the go.

Access your charging data and charge smart for on-the-go optimisation of your commercial fleet or domestic vehicle.


Charging Network App

We operate a sophisticated network system supported by an intuitive management app. This easy-to-use software can be accessed from your PC, tablet, or smartphone for a seamless user experience wherever you are in the world.


Dedicated Support & Advisory Services

Our team of experts provides unparalleled support and advisory services to partners, businesses, and drivers, empowering them to go electric and charge smart.

We make the change to electric vehicles simple and seamless.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions For Everyone

We are committed to driving the EV Charging market in Ireland by making the transition to electric mobility intuitive, accessible, and seamless. eStation offers high-quality, reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses, partners, and EV drivers.

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Develop a corporate electric vehicle charging program that meets the needs of your business, employees, and customers with our turnkey solutions.



Be confident and in control of your electric vehicle. Our range of chargers and software are compatible with all EV models and are installed by certified professionals.



Work with a trusted partner of Ireland’s leading leasing companies and car dealerships to deliver complete charging solutions beyond supply and installation.

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eStation Network App

Get access to Ireland’s largest EV Charging Network with our dedicated charging network app.

Navigate eStation’s EV charging locations easily via Google maps to confidently plan your journey. You can also view the live status of the charging station to minimise waiting times along your journey.

See all the features and benefits of the eStation Network app

Accelerate your transition to e-mobility

We are trusted by leading companies and professionals in the electric mobility industry.

Keep up to date with all the latest insights in EV charging solutions.

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