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Electric Car Price Comparison 

electric car comparison

Under the Climate Action Plan 2023, Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland aims to have 30% of Ireland’s private car fleet switched to electric by 2030. Further to this, there is growing emphasis on the importance of sustainability in our society as climate change becomes an increasingly important issue. As a result, many people are now swapping their diesel or petrol car for an electric. But what cars are people buying and what are the typical prices of these Electric Vehicle here in Ireland at the moment? Let’s find out… 

Comparing electric car prices in Ireland 

As with diesel or petrol cars – or most products and services for that matter – a wide range of factors effect car prices.  

For instance, do you want something compact or something spacious? Are you mainly driving in the city or cross county? Does make and model matter? These are important questions if you have a budget in mind. They’re also important considerations when comparing electric car prices as size, year, drive range and manufacturer all make a difference. And on that note, let’s look at five cars that will help you answer questions like “How much does an electric car cost?” and “How do I choose an electric car?” 

1. Fiat 500E 

Price from: €25,995 

Estimated Real World Range: 132km to 230km   

Battery size: 24kWh – 42kWh 

One of the more popular low-cost electric vehicles on the market, the Fiat 500E, otherwise known as the Fiat Nuova 500e, Fiat’s New 500, or All-Electric Fiat 500e, is a tidy yet spacious city car. Easy on the eye with its retro look, it’s also quick to charge with an 85kW charging capacity on a DC Charger.  

The Fiat 500 is the first small electric car available with Assisted Driving Level 2, meaning you get a greater level of safety. This car also comes with cruise control, autonomous emergency braking (up to 80 mph), and active lane keeping assistance. Another feature of the car is its fatigue detection system which monitors the lateral movement of the vehicle and will advise the driver to take a break if necessary.  

And if the 24kWh model is too limiting, a 42kWh model with 230km of range is available closer to €35k. 

2. Peugeot E-208 

Price from: €28,730 

Estimated Range: 220km – 340km 

Battery size: 40kWh – 62kWh 

The Peugeot E-208 is as sleek on the inside as it is on the outside. With a two-tier dashboard design and infotainment system all wrapped up in a sleek exterior, this EV also has a driving range of up to 255km.  

The Peugeot E-208’s next-gen technology includes a compact multifunction steering wheel*, a configurable 3D head-up display*, a 10″ touchscreen** and 7 “piano” toggle switches. You can also avail of Peugeot Drive Assist**, an active safety brake (up to 85 km/h), Park Assist*** and passive blind spot detection***. An app is also available that allows you to remotely manage charging and temperature settings.  

These features, combined with its price, makes the Peugeot E-208 a desirable choice for those making the switch to an EV. 

* Available as standard or not available according to version 

** Available as standard, as an option or not available according to version. 

*** Optional 

3. Nissan Leaf 

Price from: €32,845 

Drive range: 220km to 340km 

Battery size: 40kWh – 62kWh 

The 40kWh Nissan LEAF, available at a starting price of €32,845, boasts an impressive 220km driving range. Featuring a modern interior and plenty of storage space, the Nissan LEAF also comes with innovative features such as an app that allows you to start the car and warm it up/cool it down. Other features of this car include: 

  • 16″ steel wheels 
  • e-Pedal with regenerative braking system Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition 
  • Intelligent Key and PES (Push Button Engine Start) 
  • Automatic Headlights with “Follow me Home” 
  • Cruise Control, Speed Limiter, Remote Audio switches and Meter controls 

A 62kWh model of the Nissan LEAF is also available and can cover up to 340km.  

4. Renault Zoe 

Price from: €36,899 

Estimated Range: 285km 

Battery size: 52kWh 

Move along up the price scale and you come to the impressive Renault Zoe. The drive range of this electric car makes it easier for owners to get from point A to point B and back without having to source a public charging point. There’s even an eco-meter located beside the 10″ driver’s screen that lets you see whether you’re consuming or recovering energy and an ‘ECO’ setting that allows you to optimise energy consumption by adjusting features that use a lot of energy. 

Voted Europe’s top-selling all-electric car in 2015 and 2016, it has gone through several upgrades in recent years and remains a driver favourite in 2023. 

 5. Skoda Enyaq Iv 60 

Price from: €44,369 

Estimated Range: 340km to 450km 

Battery size: 62kWh – 82kWh 

Looking for an electric SUV that the whole family can enjoy? Starting at €44,369, the Iv 60 model is a more expensive option compared with the above cars. Still, it’s a practical vehicle with a premium feel. Built on a modular platform, the Enyaq Iv 60 offers state-of-the-art technology, rapid charging, and excellent driving range. 

Technological features that improve your driving experience include Travel Assist which takes over partial control of the car to make driving and monitoring traffic easier, a collision-alert safety system, and Turn Assist which monitors oncoming traffic during left turns.  

Smooth on the road and spacious inside, the Skoda Enyaq Iv 60 makes every journey a memorable one.  

In Conclusion 

As you can see from the above, prospective buyers have a range of options when switching to an electric car. Urban dwellers can choose something compact while families can cruise in the comfort of an SUV.  

And while price may reign supreme when making a final decision, it’s important to assess an electric car’s technological features, drive range, and charging speed. Only then can you be sure you’ve found an EV you’ll enjoy driving. 

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