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The Real Value of an EV Fleet for Your Company

EV Fleet Costs

Maximizing Cost Savings with Home Charging

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) presents numerous benefits for businesses, from sustainability to cost savings. However, one of the most significant advantages is the potential for reduced fuelling costs, particularly when using home charging solutions. This blog will explore the real value of an EV fleet for your company, focusing on how home charging can lead to substantial cost savings.

The Cost Advantage of Home Charging

Installing a charger at an employee’s home and charging at home can be considerably cheaper than using public or workplace charging stations. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you can optimize your fleet’s charging routine to maximize savings:

Home Charging (typically 80% of Total Charging)

  • Lower Electricity Rates: Residential electricity rates are typically lower than commercial rates. By encouraging drivers to charge their EVs at home, your company can benefit from these lower costs
  • Off-Peak Rates: Many utility companies offer lower rates during off-peak hours (usually at night). This can further reduce charging costs if drivers plug in their vehicles overnight.
  • Infotainment System: The EV’s infotainment system enables drivers to schedule charging for off-peak hours by setting start and stop times, ensuring potential utility savings are easily optimised.

eStation gather detailed charging data via our EV Management Software (hyperlink to ev management page) and generate comprehensive reports. Our bespoke software gives you access to a full management dashboard from which you can monitor, analyse and control all aspects of your business charging infrastructure. Using data from our EV Management Software and based on agreed reimbursement rates, we make direct payments to employees, streamlining the compensation process for their EV charging expenses.

Workplace Charging (typically 10% of Total Charging)

  • Convenience for Employees: Providing charging stations at the workplace can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. They can charge their vehicles while they work, ensuring that they have enough range for their daily commute and any work-related travel. This service is free for employees with company EV vehicles, while those with privately owned EVs can access charging on a “pay as you go” basis, ensuring flexible and convenient options for all.
  • Company Control: By having control over workplace charging stations, your company can manage energy usage more efficiently and potentially negotiate better rates with electricity providers.

Public Charging (typically 10% of Total Charging)

Accessibility: Public charging stations provide flexibility for employees who may need to charge while on the go, ensuring they can complete longer trips without range anxiety

Network Expansion: As the network of public charging stations continues to grow, it becomes easier for employees to find convenient charging locations, supporting broader EV adoption within your fleet. eStation provide roaming facilities whereby employees can access Public Chargers without paying directly at the point of use. eStation manage these payments between the Charge Point Operator (CPO) and the Employer.

Ready to make the switch? eStation can help

If you’re thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle, eStation can help. We’ve been installing and supplying EV charging solutions throughout Ireland since 2015 and can help you get set up to make the most of your new electric car.  

We even offer post-installation management software and the eStation App to help you optimise your charging station.  

To discover how eStation can help you make the most of your EV, get in touch today. 

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