Blog 20.04.2023

The Real Cost of Charging Your EV Fleet 

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Electric commercial vehicles are growing in popularity as Ireland continues to move towards a greener future. Charging an electric vehicle costs significantly less than fueling a diesel or petrol car. However, the actual costs will differ depending on your charging technology and location. EV’s usually have lower running costs than traditional fuel cars and could make your employees exempt from congestion charges due to zero emissions. We have put together some information on the costs of charging an EV fleet.  

Charging your electric vehicle fleet 

Charging your EV fleet comes in a number of forms and costs will typically reflect where the vehicle is parked for the longest duration, for example 

  • At an employee’s home 
  • Out during the day 
  • Overnight at the fleet yard  

It is important to note that installing charging points as part of a large development or construction project, the costs of ground works may be marginal however, excavating foundations and trenches can become quite costly so it is important to ensure that this is minimised. 

Choosing the right power output for your EV fleet 

Your fleet manager will often want the highest power output as the best solution for your busy fleet, however, a more powerful EV charge point is often not the most efficient. Charging station outputs range from 7.5kw AC to 400kW DC charger, so for example, if your fleet has enough time to charge overnight, a 7kW single-phase EV charge point may be sufficient. It is important that you select the correct output for your building capability and business needs.  

High output charges 

High-output chargers ranging from 50kW to 400kW are suitable for businesses who want to offer fast EV charging solutions to employees or customers. Our EV experts at eStation have the expertise to maximise charging speed without compromising your building’s integrity. Consumption can be monetized and managed by a bespoke software suite that allows payment for consumption by multiple means.  

Bespoke EV fleet management software 

Fleet managers will be able to monetize and monitor their EV charging points with eStations bespoke software. This EV software gives you a holistic overview of your charging activity allowing you to track employee usage and reimburse employees for their home charging costs. You will be able to view the total kW consumption across your business fleet to ensure your electric vehicle chargers meet your fleet’s consumption needs.  

Our software is super easy to use and gives you the opportunity to unlock your fully scalable income stream via the management dashboard. Our EV management software is accessible via laptop, smartphone, and tablet allowing you to manage EV operations from anywhere.  

So, how much does it cost to charge an EV? 

As mentioned, the cost to charge an electric vehicle will depend on where the vehicle is parked for the longest duration whether that be overnight in the fleet yard or at an employee’s home. eStation is committed to making EV fleet charging as simple and convenient as possible for businesses across Ireland. We provide first-class corporate fleet management solutions allowing you to manage your fleet from anywhere.  

To get a better understanding of costs please get in touch with one of our EV experts today where we can discuss a bespoke package to suit all your business needs. Be part of the green future of Ireland today! 

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