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EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Drive Your Business into the Future with eStation’s EV Fleet Charging Solutions

As businesses in Ireland increasingly turn to electric vehicles (EVs) to manage their fleets, the need for an efficient and effective charging strategy becomes paramount. Transitioning to an EV fleet offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, reduced emissions, and compliance with regulatory requirements. However, to maximize these benefits, companies must carefully plan their charging infrastructure. This blog will guide you through the key considerations for EV fleet charging in Ireland, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Key Considerations for EV Fleet Charging in Ireland

Fleet Needs: Analyse your fleet’s daily usage patterns, range requirements, and typical parking locations. This will help determine the optimal charging infrastructure and capacity.

Charging Infrastructure: There are various charger types available, from Level 2 AC for overnight charging to high-powered DC fast chargers for rapid top-ups. Choose the right mix based on your needs.

Grid Connection: Ensure your electrical supply can handle the additional load of multiple EVs charging simultaneously.

Charging Flexibility: Charge anywhere – office, home, or public charging.

Charging Management Solution and Control Costs: Track, Manage & Optimise Your EV Charging.

Why Choose eStation?

Expert Consultation: Our team of experts , who have been at the forefront of supplying, installing, and supporting a wide range of optimised EV charging solutions across Ireland since 2015, will assess your fleet’s daily usage patterns, range requirements, and typical parking locations to recommend the optimal charging infrastructure for your needs.

Comprehensive Installation: From office to home to public charging, we handle the entire installation process, ensuring your charging stations are set up safely and efficiently.

Dynamic Load Management: eStation work with clients to optimise existing electrical infrastructure, using Dynamic Load Management. Having analyses and determined current and future charging requirements, eStation seek to minimise electrical upgrade wiorks until such time as fleet growth may require electrical infrastructure enhancements.

Advanced Charging Management: eStation’s bespoke Charging Management Solution helps you monitor energy use, optimise charging schedules, and manage costs. All charging activity (Home, Work, & Public) are reported monthly. Detailed reports on individual employee charging activities and cumulative charging for all employees provided. eStation handles reimbursement payments for employees’ in-month home charging.

Seamless Public Charging: Our RFID-enabled public chargers ensure your fleet can charge on the go, wherever they are. eStation offers an app that provides comprehensive access to every public charging point in Ireland. Our free-to-use app displays the real-time status of all EV charging stations across the country. With 1,350 charging stations currently available, eStation makes it easy to plug in, pay, and stay on the go. Plan your journey with confidence using the eStation app, which is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and tablets, ensuring full support wherever you travel.

Remote Diagnostics, Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing monitoring,  maintenance and support for your charging infrastructure, keeping your fleet powered up.

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