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Cost Comparison Running Costs EV Fleet Charging

In our previous blog (The Real Value of an EV Fleet for Your Company), we discussed the benefits of maximizing cost savings through home charging for fleet management. Now, we will delve deeper and look at a direct cost comparison.

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario where your company operates a fleet of EVs, and we compare the costs of charging at home, work, and public stations.

Running Costs EV Fleet Charging

Charging Breakdown:

  • Home Charging: 80%
  • Workplace Charging: 10%
  • Public Charging: 10%

Home Charging:

  • Average residential electricity rate: €0.20 per kWh
  • Average EV efficiency: 5 km’s per kWh
  • Daily commute: 50 km’s (10 kWh per day)
  • Daily home charge: 8 kWh (80% of daily usage)
  • Monthly cost (20 working days): 20 days x 8 kWh/day x €0.20/kWh = €32

Workplace Charging:

  • Average commercial electricity rate: €0.27 per kWh
  • Daily charge: 1 kWh at work (10% of daily usage)
  • Monthly cost: 20 days x 1 kWh/day x €0.27/kWh = €5.40

Public Charging:

  • Average public charging rate: €0.70 per kWh
  • Daily charge: 1 kWh at public stations (10% of daily usage)
  • Monthly cost: 20 days x 1 kWh/day x €0.70/kWh = €14.00

Total Monthly Cost:

  • Home: €32
  • Work: €5.40
  • Public: €14.00
  • Total: €51.40

In comparison, if all charging were done at public stations, the monthly cost would be: 20 days x 10 kWh/day x €0.68/kWh = €140.

EV Fleet Cost Comparsion

Strategic Recommendations

To fully leverage these cost savings, consider the following strategies:

  • Encourage Home Charging: Install smart home charge points for employees to enable easy usage tracking and reimbursement of costs.
  • Optimise Workplace Charging: Install sufficient charging stations at the workplace to support those who may need additional charging during the day.
  • Monitor and Manage Charging Habits: Use eStation’s Fleet Management software to monitor charging patterns and guide employees on the most cost-effective charging practices.
  • Educate Employees: Conduct training sessions to educate your employees about the benefits and best practices of EV charging, whether it be at home, at work or at Public chargers.

Advisory Service

Our advisory service is designed to maximize your return on investment by installing and managing the optimal charging solution. Additionally, we assist in making intelligent, scalable decisions, ensuring sustainability and longevity, and advising on the financial and tax implications of charger installations.

eStation aims to optimise available power at business locations through the implementation of Load Balancing and Dynamic Load Management. By intelligently distributing electrical load among multiple charging stations, Load Balancing ensures that the overall power consumption remains within the facility’s capacity, preventing overloads and maximizing efficiency. Dynamic Load Management further enhances this by adjusting the power distribution in real-time based on the current demand and availability, ensuring optimal use of the existing electrical infrastructure while meeting the charging needs of all connected EVs. This approach not only improves the efficiency of the charging process but also supports the sustainability goals of businesses.

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