Hultafors is a well-known company specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality hand tools and workwear, particularly catering to professionals in the construction, woodworking, and industrial sectors. Hultafors offers a diverse range of tools and equipment tailored to the needs of craftsmen, tradespeople, and DIY enthusiasts, with a focus on durability, precision, and ergonomic design.

Project Brief

Hultafors approached eStation to help provide EV Charging facilities at their office location in Dublin, as well as providing managed EV Chargers at the homes of Hultafors personnel.

eStation was tasked with creating a cost effective and scalable solution by incorporating the following key objectives:

  • Optimize the savings available from running an EV fleet via managed Home and Work EV chargers, as well as providing staff with easy access to Public Chargepoints.
  • Assess EV Charging infrastructure requirements, both at home and at office locations, to meet the needs of employees.
  • Design a solution that can initially manage current demand, but also be easily expandable to meet future needs.
  • Determine best combination of charging output characteristics to serve the needs of EV driving employees.
  • Ensure the user experience is simple, clear and efficient, whether charging at Home, at Work or in Public

Our Solution

Firstly, we analysed the EV drivers, their typical driving habits and their charging requirements. From that we could profile the likely blend of Home Charging, Work Charging and Public charging. Lastly, we needed to understand the available electrical infrastructure at work locations and the type of charging equipment it could support.

At Employee homes we provided SIM enabled chargers that allowed remote monitoring and management of all charging sessions. With this data we can reimburse employees for the cost of any charging at home. This process is fully automated without any direct engagement required with the employee.

At Work, with the use of Dynamic Load Management and user diversity, we designed a Work Charging solution that was both cost effective and minimized electrical upgrade requirements.

Lastly, we provided the facility for staff to “roam” on 95% of all Public Chargepoints across the country. This allowed users to seamlessly activate Public Chargers without the requirement to pay at the point of use. All Public charging payments are managed by eStation.